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:: Constraints thrice ::

This is a bit old, but there was a confluence of constraint talk, some moons ago. Like Todd, I want to see it in everyday tools.

  • Laszlo/LXZ is an interesting XML for building interfaces and clients tools, compiling out to Flash. (LL2 webcast -- skip to 3:06:45)
  • Todd Proebsting discusses practical features he'd like to see in languages, in a talk he's been traveling, and again gave at LL2. (LL2 webcast)
  • Guy Steele's thesis, The Definition and Implementation of a Computer Programming Language Based on Constraints. You will weep at the clarity of the man and his large language, and his little language. (via Lambda)

Link | 13 February 2003 | in Coding | Comments (0)

:: DJB @ Stanford ::

Dan Bernstein will be talking about the evils of DNS to Stanford's CS Security Seminar, 11 Feb. Let me know if you're attending.


The Domain Name System publishes records such as ``www.stanford.edu has IP address'' An attacker can easily forge these records, stealing your incoming and outgoing mail, web connections, etc.

Stopping DNS forgeries is a straightforward application of public-key cryptographic signatures. Or is it? After ten years of effort, the DNSSEC implementors are making comments like ``We're still doing basic research on what kind of data model will work for dns security ... wonder if THIS'll work? ... We're starting from scratch.''

Why is it so hard to protect DNS against forgery? Is DNS security going to remain an abject failure for another ten years? This talk is a case study of the integration of cryptography into the real world.

Link | 04 February 2003 | in Systems | Comments (0)

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