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  glastree 1.04 (stable) 

    The poor man's daily snapshot, glastree builds live backup trees, with branches for each day. Users directly browse the past to recover older documents or retrieve lost files. Hard links serve to compress out unchanged files, while modified ones are copied verbatim. A prune utility effects a constant, sliding window.

    Satoru Takabayashi has writen a similar program, in Ruby, pdumpfs.

    Inspired by Plan9, of course.

    Terje Kvernes put together a gentoo ebuild.

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Perl 5.002, Date::Calc, GNU Make
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glastree-1.04.tar.gz, 14 February 2006, 6K
  triggers 0.41 (old) 

    This code is unmaintained.

    A trigger is a lightweight, asynchronous notification mechanism to set off events in and across systems. Programs export triggers and users tie arbitrary behavior to them, the interaction occurring through a daemon. Triggers can be passed off to other servers, facilitating distributed actions.

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LinuxThreads, C++
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trigger-0.41.tar.gz, 09 November 1997, 14K
  tess 0.40 (old) 

    This code is unmaintained.

    Tess is a C++ library that helps automate final assembly of tedious graphic design tasks (e.g. from photoshop or gimp), such as conjuring piles of web page-specific navigation features. Tess can composite an arbitrary stack of RGBA images, draw antialiased TrueType text (via FreeType), and generate a few shapes and effects. It groks PPM and PAM files, and includes a Perl binding.

    You can grab FreeType 1.2, compatible with tess. See the homepage for more information.

    Microsoft has published a set of free core web fonts. Microsoft has discontinued distribution of free fonts, but my unix-palatable archive remains legally viable -- see below.

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README, API, ChangeLog, CVS, Examples
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C++, Perl 5 (optional), FreeType 1.2
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tess-0.40.tar.gz, 17 Jan 1999, 29K -- freetype-1.2.tar.gz, 851K -- msttfonts.tar.gz, 1,692K.
  dlq 0.62 (old) 

    This code is unmaintained.

    dlq lets modem/isdn users download files, without disrupting normal traffic, by using idle bandwidth. Users enqueue files to grab, and a daemon retrieves file bits whenever the line is idle for a few moments (~30 seconds), pausing whenever other traffic resumes.

    Written in perl. Supports triggers.

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Perl, Linux 2.x
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dlq-0.62.tar.gz, 21 Apr 1998, 6K.

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